Esquire officially suits up for cable TV, replaces G4

Esquire, the magazine that has relied on the printed page for the last 80 years, is about to make a move into television.

NBC Universal execs plan to create an “upscale Bravo for men,” per NBCU cable chairman Bonnie Hammer. On April 22, the Esquire Network will replace the seldom-watched video gaming stall worth G4 Channel, and many industry suits within the lifestyle, arts, and leisure world are keeping a very close eye for very good reasons. That means shows about things like cars, politics, world affairs, travel, fashion and cooking. It’s easy to make the comparisons to Viacom’s Spike network, but that testosterone-fueled net’s target is frat guys, pawn show lovers, and Mixed Martial Arts.

To start off the re-branding, series debuts will include a cooking competition called Knife Fight and a travel show called The Getaway. As Hammer astutely observed, “guys who are into gaming are not necessarily watching television.”

The remade Esquire Network will emphasize programming aimed at upscale urban men. It will feature the aforementioned two original unscripted skeins and a host of acquired series, including reruns of NBC heavyweight “Parks and Recreation” and Starz’ cult-fave comedy “Party Down.”

This completely opens up the door for many options and creative ideas across the board, but think of this: not everyone in America has an interest in Trash TV, primarily presented by networks such as VH1 (Viacom) and TruTV (Turner/Time Warner). This brings a refreshing display of content to 62 million households that may not want to see the likes of x________ (insert urban celebrity) throwing food and water glasses at others in arguments over money someone else earned that they like to spend.

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Chuck Holliday is the Principal Partner of CHELCA (parent company of Mobilife Buzz). He has won awards as a New York City-based fashion photographer, and has worked in Television Production since 2008.

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